We Get Holiday Letters…

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Hello Dear Ones!

Since you enjoy the privilege of knowing our FABULOUS family you were first on the list to receive our “Letting You Know How Good We’ve Got It in Comparison to Your Own Tired Miserable Existence” letter!

Billy Bob & I certainly enjoyed our annual visits to Nepal and Belize – so refreshing & good for one’s karma to be able to stimulate local economies with our presence and tourist dollars! To celebrate our marvelous marriage he got me a Ferrari ($ 1.4 million) & I bought him another Patek Phillipe – hey when you’ve got the petty cash why not? Billy Bob continues to provide the poor, simple folks of Myanmar, Cambodia and Bangladesh an opportunity to compete in the global economy at his expanding manufacturing facilities. He even turned down a contract from D. Trump too – because you know we can’t be wasting our time with frivolities!

Billy Bob Jr. (17 years old) continues to work on Wall Street as a Propriety Trader / Hedge Fund specialist bringing home a salary of 9 zeroes. Wanda Sue (13) has a full scholarship to MIT for Biomedical Engineering / Cognitive Programming and is on speed dial with the C.D.C., N.S.C. & the O.D.N.I. She also continues to lead the Chess Club & Cheer Leading Teams.

As you can see we are doing FANTASTIC! We know most of you leave ordinary lives punctuated by boredom, bounced checks & sleepless nights but we wanted to spread some holiday cheer to help dissipate the gloom. We count you as among the fortunate to know us & we truly appreciate the envy and jealousy our AMAZING lives generate! And if you’re getting this letter it means you did not get invited to our New Year’s Eve Gala Celebration at the Connaught in London but we will send pictures – T.T.F.N!