The “god” of Islam is no different than the God of Christianity if…

-you deny the prophetic and apostolic revelation of the canonical books of the Bible;
-you deny the unique and primary covenant established with Abraham to bless the nations through Isaac;
-you deny the incarnation of Jesus Christ;
-you deny the nature of the Triune God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit;
-you deny the atonement of Jesus Christ, his sacrificial death on the cross as the only God    accepted satisfaction for human sin;
-you deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead;
-you deny the ascension of Jesus Christ and his heavenly reign as Lord of all;
-you deny his coming again;
-you deny the free gift of righteousness by grace through faith;
-you deny the exclusive saving power of the gospel;

The malady of our times, especially among the declining mainline liberal denominations and pseudo-evangelicals is the inability to make simple yet critical distinctions. However, not even presidential scoldings, professorial lectures or pontifical pronouncements can erase the differences between the dead end deception of Islam and the saving truths of historical Christian orthodoxy.