Beyond Repair?


  The first election I voted was in 1980 between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. Back then there was no great debate for me about who to vote for having watched the US humiliated in Iran and the years of recession and unemployment of the Carter years.

2 of my children are of voting age this year and they have to decide between much different candidates and a much different race & debate. While we discussed some of the debates earlier in the campaigns, I have no idea who they will end up voting for – sadly, in my opinion, the 2 major party candidates are uniquely unqualified for the office of president. Where this country might end up under their leadership is disturbing especially given the legacy that will be left by the current administration’s mishandling of national and world affairs from bathrooms to refugees.

In previous elections, I have refused to obey the siren call of choosing between the lesser of 2 evils. I have voted 3rd party before and will most likely do so again.  The political campaign system is broken, a bizarre version of roller derby where the worst in the running with the most money end up first. It causes me to pause and consider how distorted the process has become and how real solutions for the real problems people face are ignored and neglected for a game show version of democracy. Its time for something better.