Healthy church?

sinking ship 2.png

What does the phrase “a healthy church” mean?

I’ve been told a church is “healthy.” What does that mean? A quick google search & five minutes later I find out that this church is $ 12,000 in the hole, has two services with less than 50 in each, and has discussed closing or merging with another nearby congregation. They are also without a pastor and expect the new one to continue traditional duties to be performed such as visiting shut-ins and existing members, attending committee meetings and building centered activities while developing vision and growth. I’m also sure attracting young people is an unspoken expectation.

How is this healthy? Because it has a nice but ageing building? Because it pays its denominational dues? It sounds more like a declining church trying to decide about hospice care. Efforts to rectify such a situation are like pumping air into a leaky tire – it lasts for a while.  At a minimum, a healthy church preaches the gospel, is filled with the Holy Spirit & makes followers of Jesus. Too many churches, trying to keep up the real estate and the budget and the doors open,  fall short.