A Modest Proposal to Circumnavigate the Approaching Electoral Demolition Derby


With the Trump vs. Clinton (how shall we term it – race / battle / dog fight / feeding frenzy / carnival / smack down) becoming more surreal each news cycle, I have a possible solution. Send both Donald & Hillary and their legion of affiliated minions to a far-away, remote un-populated, desert island (without phone, internet or outside contact, one bottle of water and a granola bar each) and let them face off with a duel to the denouement of one of them. Whoever is left standing and alive gets to rule that island for perpetuity – on one condition – that they never may leave it. The rest of us back here in the USA can then shrug off the trance of this sophomoric dance to the death of mutual destruction and get on with trying our best to resolve the real problems and the real challenges of life in our communities.