Veterans Day

Over the last 20-30 years I have been privileged to meet a number of veterans and hear some of their stories. Here’s just a few (names changed): Ken enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor and would still speak if it with tears in is eyes; Bob was a witness days after a concentration camp was liberated and would not speak of what he saw; Don was 17 and joined the Marines and fought in Guadalcanal; Art was wounded in the Aleutians; Robert was an Army psychologist who worked with concentration camp survivors; James was wounded in Iraq and became addicted to pain medications and after much effort was given an honorable discharge; Ben saw his friend killed by artillery in Iraq and slowly reduced the amount of alcohol he drank to cope. There are so many more, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, family members, neighbors, around us, each with their own story, those that survived, those that didn’t. Today I remember them & my father too – U.S. Navy, 1946-1950.